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Sanctuary HOsting

Not all refugees are Ukrainians eligible under the Home for Ukrainians Scheme. Host Abingdon works with Sanctuary Hosting, an Oxford based hosting scheme that provides temporary accommodation for refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants at risk of homelessness across the Thames Valley by matching them with volunteer hosts who offer a free bed and a warm welcome. This gives guests a chance to tackle the causes of their homelessness. All of our hosts and guests are supported by a team of dedicated Sanctuary Hosting volunteers.

The Host Abingdon Sanctuary Fund

Many people who would like to host but who for practical reasons are unable to offer a room in their home can help fund emergency accommodation at St Ethelwold’s House in Abingdon 

The Trustees have made available at least one room on a permanent basis for use by sanctuary seekers in need of a place of refuge. St Ethelwold’s can also, from time to time, provide emergency accommodation for refugees or asylum seekers when rooms are available. A fund has been established to pay for this accommodation and to provide practical support, such as free English lessons, to sanctuary seekers who are our guests. Donating to the fund is a very practical way you can support the work of Host Abingdon.

The Sanctuary Fund has provided a room for homeless and destitute refugees and asylum seekers since 2015.  It has been a life saver. To read just one story of how the Sanctuary Fund has helped just click here

We need to raise £600 a month to fund this emergency accommodation. Please think of making a donation. Every little bit helps someone in need.

If you would like to make a regular donation please download details of how to do this here.