Being a host


Host Abingdon is connected to Sanctuary Hosting in Oxford, which seeks to match destitute asylum seekers and refugees with people who have a spare room and an open heart and who can make their spare room available rent-free for an agreed period of time.

At the present time Host Oxford is not seeking to recruit additional host families, but if you are interested in this work please do be in contact with Sanctuary Hosting.


Some Refugees are trapped in temporary accommodation by the high costs of rents in our area.  We are now looking for ‘benevolent’ landlords/house share opportunities for refugees who are ready to move on to longer-term accommodation in a supportive location.

Refugees with permission to stay may be in receipt of housing benefit but this does not cover the cost of accommodation.  There are benevolent landlords who are able to make accommodation available at an affordable rent.

Host Abingdon will maintain a list and help match landlords to refugees in need.